TeachBox Learn

The TeachBox Learn app allows students to study governed, high-quality education materials while away from the classroom study.

Out-of-classroom learning

TeachBox Learn is a mobile application that gives students access to training courses via a smartphone or tablet.

Courses are created in the Portal and made available for students to download. Once downloaded, course materials are stored locally on the device allowing the student to access the course off-line.

The Learn application can be linked to the Teach application for a fully blended learning approach.

Governance and Compliance

The system ensures that delegates follow learning plans exactly while recording student activity to the portal. This approach prevents students from skipping content and ensures compliance with learning plans.

Courses can be developed independently by the authoring body, or with support from specialist education and digital support team at TeachBox.

When complete, each course is uploaded through the Portal which makes them available for use on the TeachBox applications.

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