TeachBox Teach

The Teach application enables multimedia classroom education even in environments with limited internet availability.

Governed education delivered consistently – Once downloaded on to a tablet, courses can be delivered multiple times without the need for an internet connection.

Course authors can choose which elements are taught by the in-classroom teachers (facilitators) and which are presented through on-screen videos, delivered by subject matter experts.

The system supports a governed approach to education by ensuring rigorous adherence to learning plans, objectives, timings and content. It also allows for a truly consistent and measurable learning experience between locations.

TeachBox Teach

Delivering Educational Courses No Matter the Internet Connection

Updating and Communication

The Teach application does not need an internet connection to deliver courses, but when an internet connection does become available the following attributes become active:

  • Updating course materials
  • Tutor notifications
  • Uploading of course feedback to Portal
  • Uploading of student data to Portal
  • Uploading of course compliance data to Portal

Monitoring and Evaluation

Data from each course is locally stored on the device and includes GPS location, student records, compliance data and course feedback.

When an internet connection becomes available this data is transferred to the Portal for viewing or download by managers and authorised persons.

The Portal allows managers to ‘deep dive’ into the delivery data, from global overview right down to individual courses.

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