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TeachBox Applications
Overcoming infrastructure, financial and governance barriers to enable digital education and research

Reaching even the most rural and remote environments.


Facilitating high-quality education in low-resource and remote settings

Delivering digital education and gathering research data
Hybrid technology providing an online experience even when access to the internet is limited
Enabling local facilitators to deliver expert-level education with maximum local relevance and replicability
Providing governed education that meets best practice guidance and reduces travel

3 Mobile Applications
1 Web Portal

TeachBox was developed in Africa and Asia by a team of doctors and paramedics in order to overcome barriers to large-scale, high quality digital education and research.

The app used by facilitators to deliver classroom training.

The app used by students for out-of-classroom study.

The app used by researchers to gather field data.

The web portal for managing TeachBox applications.

Our Mobile Applications

Assisting Researchers, Teachers & Students

TeachBox Teach

The application used by teachers to deliver classroom-based training.

The TeachBox Teach application enables facilitators to deliver classroom-based education using tablets, computers and smart phones.

TeachBox Learn

The application used by learners during out-of-classroom learning.

The TeachBox Learn application is designed to be used on any Android smartphone. The application enables learners to view videos, tests and read.

TeachBox Data

The application used by researchers to gather data in the field.

The TeachBox Data application is designed to be used by any level of worker responsible for gathering quantitive and qualitative data.

TeachBox Portal

1 Web portal with 2 key functions

Education Management – The portal is used to design and publish courses to the TeachBox Teach and TeachBox Learn application. The Portal also receives and displays monitoring and evaluation feedback, governance and compliance data as well as dates, times, locations and student numbers for each course delivered.

Research Management – The TeachBox Data app is used to design and publish surveys. The results of those surveys are received and displayed in the form of charts, graphs, text, audio and video recordings in the portal.