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Core Values

Global Reach

Without border, without prejudice
A proudly independent organisation with no government, religious, or political affiliation, operating internationally without bias.

Value for Money

Cost efficient, auditable solutions
Achieving value for money underpins The 625’s Ethical Procurement Approach to all the projects we work on globally.

Sustainable Solutions

Long term positive impact
We are committed to developing and delivering solutions that are sustainable in economic, environmental and social terms.


Breadth, depth, relevance
Our staff have vast international experience of building capacity, improving capability, increasing resilience, mitigating risk and reducing vulnerability.


Measured, governed, assured
We strive for continuous improvement through robust quality assurance systems, post-delivery impact reporting and internal audit.


Examined, tested, proven
We employ best-in-field experts with the highest levels of academic and vocational qualifications alongside impressive Continuous Professional Development portfolios